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McLouth trade is glass half empty

     When the Pirates dealt Nate McLouth to Atlanta for three prospects, it was a sure sign that management has already given up on the team. How can the organization trade away their all-star player just two months into the season with the team just four game below .500? McLouth was given a three-year deal in the offseason and dubbed the cornerstone of the organization -- the player whom the team would be built around. The Pirates can't even call it a rebuilding year because they are in the process of rebuilding. This trade is like replacing a high-def television that still has three years left on the warranty with a similar, yet new high-def television. It doesn't make sense.
     Andrew McCutchen must be ready for big league action, especially if his debut was the real deal. Actually, McCutchen was ready for the big leagues in April, but the growing trend among Major League teams is to keep their young prospects in the minors until the end of May to limit their service time. With two months of non-Major League action, the players have to wait another year to be eligible for arbitration.
Hats off to the Pirate players for not showing their frustrations on the field. They could have thrown in the towel, but instead pounded the Mets for a series sweep. The players have every right to be angry, but at the same time, they have a job to do.
     Sending McLouth away has players and fans upset. But let's look at the Pirates management team's view. The organization now has three more prospects, two with a chance of playing in the big leagues, albeit not this season. After McLouth put up all-star numbers last April and May, he kind of leveled out the rest of the season as the batting average dipped. He hit 19 home runs before the all-star game, then just seven the rest of the season. 
     While he led the team in home runs with nine this year, he has done just an average job at the plate. Maybe the Pirates top brass think McCutchen can do just as well in helping the team produce runs. McCutchen deserved to make this team out of spring training. But to get rid of McLouth this early shows that the organization is warming up in clearing out all of the fan favorites by the end of July.
By Jim Spezialetti