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Why Yankee Blue Has us Seeing Red

The pride, the tradition, The New York Yankees. One would think that the team that produced Ruth, Gehrig, Mantle, DiMaggio and countless other legends and legendary memories would hold a special place in America's heart. They do not. In fact Yankee hatred is pretty common. I am not immune to such feelings. So I thought I would break from my usual Pirate talk to examine why I dislike the Bronx Bombers so much.
When asked why do you hate the Yankees most will point out the enormous payroll and attempts to buy a World Championship. However this does not bother me that much. I mean don't get me wrong it doesn't exactly warm my heart to see the Yanks sign the entire free agent field, but that is the climate of the game now.
Maybe it's the Yankee fans. The same group of people that declared Joe Torre the greatest manager since Casey Stengal and now curse his name over something he said in a book. The same group of people sitting in monument park thinking of A-Rod and pulling pedals off a flower saying "I love him, I love him not." While the fans that fill Yankee Stadium can be abrasive loud mouths and down right crude at times I am not sure that's it. After all I'm from Pittsburgh and have witnessed many of the same traits in Steeler fans. (Sorry Steeler Nation, please don't break my windows???!!!)
No I believe my ire for all the is pin stripped starts at the top. That's right The Steinbrenners. Baseball's first family of obnoxious. Their behavior is disgraceful and is an embarrassment to a once great and proud franchise as well as the game of baseball itself. We first were put through George's antics, like the harassment of managers to his playing G.M. (despite having no baseball background whatsoever). Now we have Hank, and the apple doesn't fall far from the arrogant, borderline insane tree. Hank has accused ESPN of creating the idea of a Red Sox nation to accusing the National League of being archaic for not having a designated hitter. I thought the Yanks prided themselves on the purity of the game.So how does George's clan get away with this behavior? The answer is simple. They turned The New York Yankees into a billion dollar business. Now with the New Yankee Stadium to premiere in just over a month The Steinbrenners are as untouchable as ever. Forgot that the stadium took way more tax dollars then originally promised, or that it has pushed playgrounds and rec centers out of the Bronx, the Yanks are a business and unlike every other else in today's economy, business is good.