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Hope Springs Eterenal in Pittsburgh.

Over the course of 16 years not a lot stays the same. Yes there is those timeless contemporaries death and taxes, other then those you would be hard pressed to find anything else. However one such thing has proven to be just as consistent... The Pittsburgh Pirates.
For over a decade and a half no matter what expectations the warmth of springtime in Florida may bring the Bucs have posted a losing record by the time the harsh cold of Autumn rolls into to Pittsburgh. The players, coaches and front office have changed. The stadium is even different. But the results are the same.
I lay the blame at the feet of former Atlanta Braves Sid Bream and Fransisco Cabrera, who in 1992 conspired to steal the National League Pennant from the Pirates. This also marked the end of the last winning season for the Pirates. Coincidence?? I think not.
But I digress. Here we are spring 2009. And all the ghosts of the last 16 years are set aside. The resigning of key players like Nate McLouth and Paul Maholm, they extension signed by catcher Ryan Doumit, and the trades of last season are giving fans a reason to be exited.
Could this be it? Finally the year the Bucs end the season with a winning record? It would be quite a story. The laughing-stock of baseball teetering on the verge of one of the most dubious records in North American sports, comes through and restores pride to a once great franchise. Sounds a little far fetched? Then again this is baseball and stranger things have happened.